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FemaleF.I.R.S.T thrives on celebrating success with clients!  Check out featured stories below:

Kelly D. 

Kelly and I trained for 4 months before she left for her vacation to New Zealand.  I gave her the following plan:

  • 2x/wk personal training
  • 1x/wk full body workout on her own
  • 4-5days/wk 30-45 min of cardio
  • clean eating meal plan

The picture to the right is Kelly after month 1 and month 3. In just 3 months, she lost 16lbs and 12.75 inches!

We have had a blast together! Looking forward to hearing about her trip and seeing her continue to accelerate in a healthy lifestyle!

Sarah V.

Sarah enjoys competing in road races of varying distances. Lately, she has been running  1/2 marathons. When I met with Sarah for her assessment, she had been experiencing pain from shin splints. It got worse with long distance runs. She wanted to learn proper form as well as gain strength and efficiency as a runner.

I instructed her on the basic lower body exercises such as: squats, lunges, and deadlifts along with core stabilization exercises. I also recommended regular stretching, foam rolling, and yoga.

In just 4 months of training, Sarah no longer complains of shin splints and has PR'd her last 3 races!  

 Showing off her medals! ;-)

Showing off her medals! ;-)

She has been a pleasure to work with! She recently informed me that she will be doing her first triathlon this fall!!! 

Ashli N.

Ashli originally hired me to assist with weight loss in hopes of getting pregnant soon. In just 3.5 months, she lost 15 lbs and 10 inches! I was so impressed with her determined spirit!

Not long after Ashli's weight loss accomplishment she found out she was expecting! A very proud mommy-to-be decided to keep training despite her morning sickness. 

With continued training, Ashli has suprised her doctors! Her health is in perfect condition and baby boy is growing beautifully!

I can't wait to meet him in June! I know she will be thankful for the strength and good health!


 Showing off her Lipstick and Lunges tank! Clients earn these after completing 3 consecutive months of training.

Showing off her Lipstick and Lunges tank! Clients earn these after completing 3 consecutive months of training.

Katy P.

Katy and I trained together for 9 months before she sold her house and moved an hour away. We were both a little sad but excited for her new opportunity!

 She demonstrated what several of my clients experience- fluctuation of the scale! Sometimes the scale did not move but the inches did. The best way to explain that is the change in body composition. You are losing body fat and gaining muscle mass! It is exciting :)

Along the way, she lost 15.5 lbs, dropped 9.5 inches, lowered her BP to the point that she was able to donate again,  and truly developed a new lifestyle of clean eating and faithful exercising. 

I watched Katy overcome fear and develop confidence in new adventures such as: paddle boarding and the ropes course at Treeumph! She also became a member of a gym for the first time! SO AWESOME!

Wishing her all the best in her new house! Looking forward to trying a new adventure with her again soon! :)