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Gaining Core Strength for Your Sport

I have worked with several couples in the past. Currently, I am working with Joe and Terry. They share a passion for cycling. Terry found my ad in the Osprey Observer a few weeks ago and decided to reach out to me.  They explained their strength and weakness and told me their specific goals during our assessment. 

Every weekend, they ride over 100 miles! So obviously, their lower body strength and cardio endurance are on point! However, their upper bodies and core strength need a little attention. I have designed a program for them that will include mostly body weight resistance or light weights, corrective exercises for improving posture, and core strengthening exercises. We are meeting 2 times per week. 

I am excited to see both of them progress over the next several months! They have that hunger to better themselves that I absolutely love! 

Keep up the good work, Joe and Terry!! 

Joe and Terry cycling along the coast!