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Which Bathing Suit to Buy?

I’d wager that one of the most terrifying moments of a woman’s life is when she decides to go shopping for a bathing suit. “Terrifying” might sound a bit dramatic, but it is an experience that’s less-than-enjoyable: working up a sweat squeezing into and out of spandex all day, only to try to evaluate how the suit looks on you in unflattering lighting and an even more unflattering mirror. Then, because you can’t trust the aforementioned lighting or mirror, you whip out your cell to take a selfie and send it to one of your most trusted girlfriends to get her opinion. It’s exhausting.

    While I can’t change the lighting or the mirror situation of whatever department store(s) you may visit on this quest, I can provide pointers (courtesy of the Huffington Post) on the types of suits you should be looking for in order to flatter your body shape. Because nothing can make you feel sexier than a swimsuit that hits you in all the right places.

    Small Chest

    Don’t fret if you weren’t given much on top – you just have to create the illusion of a bigger bust. Tops with loud patterns, ruffles, embellishments, and padding are your friends, such as this Macrame high neck top from Target.

   Big(ger) Chest

  Sometimes, being blessed with a little sumpthin’ sumpthin’ up top feels more like a curse, as you risk the possibility of your top coming off if you pick the wrong suit. Girl, you need SUPPORT- look for suits that offer cup sizes with thick straps and double-stitched bands. Take a page from this shell halter bikini top. If you’re not feeling the push-up aspect of this top, look for something similar without the padding. Or, you know, rock the push-up if you want to – no judgement here!

    Broad Shoulders

    The key here is to find a suit that balances out your body. Tops with asymmetrical lines and solid colored suits with either side panels or cut-outs draw the eye away from your shoulders and create the illusion of an hourglass figure. Go for something like this one-shoulder suit from Target.

    Small Booty

    The same rules apply as the small chest – look for bottoms with loud patterns, embellishments, or ruffles to create the illusion of having a little something in the trunk. This bikini bottom by Xhilaration is a great place to start.

    Big(ger) Booty

    A bottom with coverage so you’re not spending your hard-earned beach time picking wedgies out of your butt is key. Suits with printed tops and solid bottoms can help balance out your booty, like this combo by Ava & Viv.

    Athletic Body

    Just like with the small chest and the small booty, you need to create the illusion of curves. Don’t shy away from tops with cup sizes and padding, and go for “girly” patterns or bright colors. This off-the-shoulder piece can help give you some inspiration.

    Back Fat

    Nothing can make your beach confidence plummet faster than back fat – and you may feel like there’s no suit in the world that can cover it up. Fear not! Tops with thick straps and high backs can help smooth out that back, so you get some sun and still feel cute. Try something like this tankini top by Merona.

    Tummy Pouch

    Perhaps probably the area women want to conceal the most – their tummy pouches. Luckily, there are a whole slew of suits that can do just that. Look for suits with plunging necklines that draw the eye away from your tummy. Suits with ruching also give the appearance of a flatter stomach. This bandeau one piece is a great place to start.

    For even more areas to conceal or flatter, check out HuffPo’s full list. Do you have any tips for bathing suit shopping? What’s your favorite swimsuit?