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Low Calorie Summer Drinks

As the weather gets warmer, you probably start to indulge in fantasies about wiling your days away on the beach, cocktail in hand, not a care in the world. And then you might frown, because that cocktail you’re holding probably contains about as many calories as a small meal, which doesn’t fit with your goals to eat right, work out, and get healthy in general.


    What’s a girl to do? Shun all cocktails from here on out and resort to lying on the beach with nothing fancier than a sparkling water? Women’s Health has you covered. They’ve concocted 35 low-calorie summer cocktails that will allow you to live out that beach fantasy guilt-free. I’ve shared a few that caught my eye, but for the full list, click here (all images courtesy of Women’s Health).

    Watermelon Limeade – 147 Calories Per Serving


    2 oz. Cosmopolitan mix (look for a “skinny” version – that’s what makes this low-calorie!)
    2 lime wedges
    0.5 oz. agave nectar
    3 watermelon cubes
    1 oz. silver tequila


    Island Mimosa – 143 Calories Per Serving


    1.5 oz. banana rum
    2 oz. Sparkling wine
    1 strawberry, chopped
    1 lemon wedge


    Pink Lemondrop Spritzer – 120 Calories Per Serving


    3 oz. Pinot Grigio (Butterfly Kiss makes a pink one!)
    0.5 oz. SMIRNOFF sorbet light lemon
    1 oz. strawberry lemonade (a “skinny” version, like Crystal Light)
    1 oz. club soda


    Beach Breeze – 150 Calories Per Serving


    3 oz. VOGA Italia Sparkling
    3/4 oz. strawberry liqueur
    2 oz. strawberry puree
    0.5 oz. lemon juice
    1.5 tsp sugar
    Mint leaves for garnish

    What are your favorite summer cocktails?