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Attacking Those Trouble Zones- Chest Fat

   Let’s play a game. I’m going to name some words and phrases, and I want you to keep track of how you feel when you see each one. Ready? Let’s do it:


    Spring Break.




    Bikini Season.

    Did the last two give you a bit of a heart attack, or incite mild terror? You’re in good company. This is the time of year when people generally start thinking about spring and summer, upcoming vacations they have planned, and how the heck they are going to be able to fit into a bikini or bathing suit by x date. It can be nerve-wracking, especially since we all have our “trouble zones” that we feel need work before we can parade our bodies in front of others wearing nothing but Spandex and a smile. So to help give you some ideas of moves you can incorporate into your workout routine to focus on whatever area you need to, I will dedicate the next month talking about four common trouble areas we ladies have. First up: chest fat.

    Also known as the “third boob,” chest fat is typically found on the side of your chest and under your arms. It may bulge out when putting on a sports bra, a regular bra, or a bathing suit, driving you nuts, as it can be hard to cover up. What causes it? That’s the real kicker – genetic predisposition. That’s right, ladies, biology dictates how our bodies distribute fat and other body tissues, and things like aging and pregnancy also have a hat in the ring. And, as you may have guessed, all of these things are out of our control. But does that mean we should just accept it and do nothing about it? OF COURSE NOT! Chest fat can be burned off through overall weight loss, and certain strength exercises can help tone our arms, back, and core, effectively helping to reduce the unsightly appearance of this third boob. (Which, by the way, I hate saying. Can I stop calling it that? I can? Good. Moving on.) Two such exercises are Walk-Out Hydraulics and Push-Backs, and you can watch how they’re done here. Combine these with some cardio for the best results.

    Walk-Out Hydraulics

  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.

  • Walk out to a plank position.

  • Drop down onto your elbows.

  • Get back to your hands and walk back.

  • You can see how it’s done starting at around 0:56 on the video linked above.



  • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.

  • Crouch down halfway.

  • Lean forward until your hands touch the ground.

  • Push back (away) from the floor, coming up into the half-crouch position.

  • You can see how it’s done starting at around 3:33 on the video linked above.

    You can either do the number of reps outlined in the video, or you can see how many you can do in a 60-second time frame and work to do more each time. And if you have any tips on exercises you personally found effective for tackling chest fat, leave a comment!