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Cycling Tips

With the ever-growing focus on health and fitness, and on the environment, bicycling has seen an increase in popularity in the last few years. Many people take it up as an environmentally-friendly alternative to getting around town. Others are athletes looking for a low-impact activity with which to cross-train. Some are simply trying to get healthier. Maybe you fall into one (or more!) of these categories. No matter the purpose behind your cycling, there are some tips from which you could benefit -especially if you are a newbie.

    Change Your Tires

    Just like your car, your bicycle is at risk for getting a flat tire from time to time – which means you need to know how to change it. The best way to prepare for that unexpected flat out on the road is to practice, practice, practice. Practice changing your bike tires at home so you won’t be blind-sided when it happens during a ride.

    Get Social

    Just like any other fitness activity, cycling is much more fun when it’s done in groups. Grab some friends, hit the road, and crush those miles! The time will fly when you’re having fun.

    Maintain Yo’ Chain

    While lubricant is important, too much will cause your bike chain to attract dirt and grime – which can wear it out and cause damage. A good test is to rub your finger over your chain; it should only have a small amount of oil (Sumner 2012).

    Ensure Your Saddle Height is Right

    According to Bicycle.com, your saddle height is correct if your heel just grazes your pedal at the bottom of the pedal stroke (Sumner 2012). If you experience pain in the front of your knees while riding, your saddle is too low; if you feel pain in the back of your knee, your saddle is too high. A good way to figure out how high (or low) your saddle needs to be is to lean against a wall, sit on the saddle, and let both feet hang straight down.

    Want more helpful bicycling tips? Check out Bicycle.com’s advice for new cyclists! Are you an avid cyclist training for a century ride or just want to improve your performance? Contact me to learn how I can help!



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