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Laying a foundation of healthy habits

For those of you with children you realize that summer vacation is wrapping up. How many of you are excited about that?

Sleeping in and staying up late has become the norm. Hanging out with friends, laying by the pool, and vacationing to all different places has been the highlight for many. How many weeks does that last? Long enough. Right?!

This amazing yet very exhausting chaos lasts long enough to break the bank. Long enough to destroy schedules and routines. And long enough to form bad habits. 

I probably sound like a boring drill sergeant. Haha! I'm far from it. I do not have kids but I have been around them enough to know that when you take them off of a schedule or break a routine.. you are doomed. Children actually like rules, schedules, and routines. I think. LOL. They stay focused and perform better. They know the boundaries. They also know what direction to move in. 

Danielle, what in the world are you talking about? Don't you write blogs about health and fitness? HAHAHA!! Yea, Yea. I'll get to my point. My point is this... we all need a schedule, a routine, and rules (to some extent.) When we have these things in place, we form HABITS. A habit is simply doing something repeatedly and to the point of it becoming your norm. 

I always recommend at least 3 months of training for my clients. Why? A lot can be achieved in 3 months and I can train them physically and mentally to overcome their obstacle. Will the end goal be achieved in 12 weeks? No, not always. BUT.... I have given them the tools, schedule, and program to empower them to develop a foundation of healthy habits. I have spent several hours coaching, instructing, holding accountable, listening, and pushing them to move in a healthy direction. I have shown them how to lose the weight and gain the muscle.

So let me ask you....what are your habits? Can you name 5? What are 5 things that you normally do repeatedly? Are they healthy habits? 

If you can develop healthy habits I believe that you will win the war you are battling. The KEY is sticking with it. Pick 5 healthy habits and do them over and over and over again until it becomes your norm. 

Fill me in. Let me know how you are doing. Even if you are not a client of mine at the moment, I want to know. :) 

Stay healthy,