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The "F" word can mess you up!

It's been awhile. I apologize. I went on vacation and just hadn't made it to the blog since. Great vacation though! Went on a Mediterranean cruise to Spain, France, and Italy. So amazing! I highly recommend! 

Anyways, I need to bring up the "F" word this morning. It plays a part in all of our lives no matter the age. I'm talking about... FEAR. Fear is quite the enemy! Can you relate? How many things have you said "No" to because you were afraid? How many times have you thought "What if?" 

I see it all the time in relation to fitness. I think people get afraid that they will either disappoint me or themselves and not hit the goals before them. So they don't even try or put forth their max effort. Or maybe you stay away from a group fitness class because you don't think you can keep up. Or you bypass the beach trip with your friends/family because you are afraid to be in a swimsuit. Or maybe you come up with an excuse when your friend asks you to do a 5k simply because you've never done one and don't think you are "that type of person." 

Obviously, I'm not talking about limiting health factors or sickness or injury. I'm talking to the person that can absolutely do all the things above but will say "No" solely out of fear. What happens when fear controls your life? You risk abundancy! You risk truly knowing your capabilities, your freedoms, and how to overcome obstacles. 

My profession deals with fears often. I love it! I am a risk-taker by nature. Ha! But don't get me wrong... I have my own fears. For instance, I am afraid of being attacked by a cockroach. Don't judge me! :-) I mean.. come on. I live in Florida! Land of the Palmetto bugs!! They fly right at your forehead. Do they not?! OMG!!! I am also afraid of going out too deep in the ocean. Well...by myself. I guess. No....it's pretty much all the time. The older I get, the less I want to experiment with ocean creatures. So .. I guess you could say.. Danielle, you will never truly know if you can surf! HaHa! And I would have to say.. you are correct. ;-)

Back to my point. Fear. It's ugly. It steals from us. It is limiting. It often lies. It really shouldn't be in control. We should! 

My challenge to you- when it comes to your health... please go out, enjoy life, embrace the journey, try new things, take risks, and discover who you really are. Accept the challenge! Connect with your inner self and find peace. Then do your best to stay there. Put FEAR aside and decide to live BIG. Whatever that means for you and the fears you currently have.

Go Live BIG!

Stay FearLESS,