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The Cheeseburger is Not to Blame..

How do you like my headlines? Ha! Catches your attention I hope ;-)

"So...Danielle.. you're telling me, the cheeseburger did NOT make me this way?" Yes. That is what I am telling you. You cannot look at someone walking down the street and simply say...that person had too many cheeseburgers and that is why they look that way. Simply saying... you are judging a book by its cover. Right?

I've brought on 3 new clients this week and each one of them have a different story. 2 of the women are getting married. So of course, they have a certain image in their head they would like to achieve and feel amazing on their special day! Who wouldn't?! They both have come to me to help them with weight loss and toning. Do you think both of them are guilty of eating too many cheeseburgers? HaHa. No, they are not. Both of them have unique stories full of events, emotions, ups/downs, and changes that have led them to this point of desire for change. 

You don't just get "fat" overnight. You didn't get fat because you missed cardio one week. Or because you supersized your meal at your favorite restaurant. Now, if you do that enough...you just might! ;-) Most of the time, there is something behind the action that fueled it. For instance, someone may be discontent at work and come home to a bowl of Ben and Jerry's Monday through Friday simply to drown their negative emotions. Or maybe someone is coming back from a surgery and has been out of the gym for awhile and feels too embarrassed or set back to get started again. All I am saying.. is that there is a deeper issue or root behind the "cheeseburger" and "missed cardio." 

It's not always my job to figure out the deeper issue or the root but I am certainly there to listen and give encouragement where needed. I love working with women because they do tend to open up to me and share their feelings. I mean.. when you train someone at 5 am in the morning...who knows what's going to come out of your mouth?! Lol. 

My encouragement to you today is this...own your story. Whatever has happened or not happened that has led you to this point in life...just own it. I know it may be hard. But when you accept the fact that you are not 100% pleased with yourself and decide something needs to change... that is when the path can take a new route. I don't know what has held you back or stopped you in achieving your goals but I do know there are 2nd chances. Tune out the crowd and fix your eyes on one thing...a new you. Create a new ending to your story. An ending filled with accomplishment, satisfaction, hard work, positive energy, health, abundance, and joy. 

Much love,