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Show Me Your GRIT!!

I think back to one of my favorite movies when Tom Cruise shouts, "Help Me, Help YOU!" In a nutshell, that one sentence defines what I do. Being a personal trainer is absolutely one of the most gratifying jobs in the world. Until my client fails to put forth the maximum effort. At that point, my job becomes bittersweet. Sweet, because I love what I do and you can't really change that. Bitter, because I see the "diamond in the rough" but I can't bring it forth on my own. You might ask, "Do you really see each client that way?" You better believe I do! Maybe it's the athlete in me. I was coached through most of the years of my life. I had someone there believing in me, teaching me, and pushing me to rise up. As a result, I've been groomed to see others that way and to treat them the same. I see them for what they CAN BE not what they currently are. What is grit? Grit, to me, is that fire that resides deep inside. That extra punch that comes out when the going gets tough. That refusal to back down in the face of fear. Can you develop grit or are you born with it? Good question. In my experiences with many different clients I have come to believe that you can develop it. You really can't judge a book by its cover. Someone that does not show they possess it may just need to be pushed. I've worked with women that come across as the most shy, reserved, and weak of all. When I break out the boxing gloves guess who was in for a surprise?? ME!! HaHaHa! I LOVE THAT! What do I tell her, "HIT HARDER! DON'T BE NICE TO ME! SHOW ME YOUR GRIT, GIRL!" When she pulls from that fire deep inside and works with me she develops grit. It is at that point that I am getting the full satisfaction out of my "job." When my client meets me in the middle and puts forth the maximum effort. She rises up to the challenges I put before her. She grows into the woman I know she was meant to be. Her success is my success. Wherever you are in life, please don't give up. Get up. It doesn't matter how many times you fall, as long as you get back up again. You have that inner fire. You just have to develop it. Do you need help? Call me. I'm ready for you ;-)

Much love and grit,