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Only Three Feet From Gold

Have you heard of Napoleon Hill's book- Three Feet from Gold? It is a must read! My mentor recommended this book to me as I set out on a new journey in life a few years back. What I love about this book is that it reminds us of perseverance.

When was the last time you persevered through something? I mean..really and truly..persevered. Maybe you started out strong with fire and passion and energy. Then maybe you got tired or burnt out along the way. Did you get a second wind? Did you get back in the "game" and achieve your goal or did you quit? What happens when we quit? Quitting leaves us with the question we all dread...What if? No one wants a "what if" looming over them! It is anti-climatic. So what if I told you that your goal was just around the corner and you only had to walk a few more blocks to obtain it? No matter the state you were in, would you continue walking knowing that it was within reach? Or would you be content giving up?

The book I am referring to speaks about a person that is literally three feet from gold. The problem is.. he gave up. He quit digging. The next guy comes in, picks up where he left off, and quickly hits the jack pot! How ticked off would you be? Haha! Very. So what am I saying? I am saying that many of the obstacles and challenges in life require perseverance and consistency. Doing whatever it takes to get that second wind. If you can get that second wind and keep at it you will achieve your goal or your dream! You will get the satisfaction! 

The best part of it all is that during the perseverance and consistency you are growing as an individual. You are seeing what you are made of. You are learning what you are capable of. That is a reward in itself! Some people are risk takers and some are not. That is okay. To each his own, right?

Whatever you do, do not settle! Go for more. Live hard and enjoy the journey! Who knows... you may be.. only three feet from gold! If you get a minute, check out the book. You will love it!

Much love and perseverance,