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What Women Want

What women want. Wow. That's a loaded thought. Right? We want to be pampered. We want to work less and play more. We want to feel appreciated. We want to feel sexy. We want to love and be loved. We want to have meaningful relationships. We want to leave a legacy. We want to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. We want the perfect body, the well-behaved children, the satisfied husband, and the balanced schedule.  I mean, is that really so much to ask for? It feels completely out of reach though. Right? 

I chose to work with women because I understand what they want and I want to teach them how to obtain it.  I am not a feminist and I am not a hater towards men. If you had asked me several years ago if I would be a business about women I would have politely said No, laughed a bit, and walked on by. Women used to scare me. So many emotions and so much to embrace. Yikes! I was a tom-boy growing up. Yes, I had a million barbies but I loved sports and could care less about hair and makeup. I certainly did not relate to Disney princesses!  Can you relate with me? HaHa!

Anyways, as time has progressed I have grown into my own femininity.  I have seen my female friends and family go through major life changes and come out stronger. As a result, I have developed a tenderness in my heart towards women. I see and know the struggle to be. The struggle to serve others. The struggle to stay content. Women carry the weight of the world on their shoulders (most often.) Men are just as much heroes. Don't get me wrong. Please understand I am not here to bash men. However, today I am here to lift up women. 

I train women that work full-time jobs, raise children, volunteer, and still choose to invest in themselves. At the end of the day, it's no wonder they are literally crawling to bed! Am I right? So, all of this to say...What do women want? What do you want? I am here to help you figure that out for yourself. I am here to minimize your stress and give you a program that is easy to follow. I am here to prove to you that exercise and lifting weights will not bulk you up but will reveal your shape and glorious figure. Eating clean will give you the natural energy your body was meant to run on. I am here to lean on and support you when the rest of the world is too busy. I am here to encourage, motivate, push, and cheer you on!

I know what women want and I know that it can be obtained! You can feel sexy. You can get your life in order even while making time for yourself. You can leave a legacy that you can be proud of. You can feel empowered and enjoy self-worth.

Women are meant to shine. We are beautiful beings and the world appreciates what we have to offer. Believe it and believe in YOU! 

Much love and empowerment,