FemaleF.I.R.S.T, Inc.

Personal Training for Women

Danielle offers personal and group training and weight management counseling for women of all ages. She is located in Lithia, Fl and will travel within a 20 mile radius. 

Train in the comfort of your home, at a private gym, or outdoors. You may also choose to train in Lithia if you are outside of the traveling radius. 

All equipment is provided during session and includes: Dumbbells/Barbells/Resistance Bands/Kettlebells/Battle Ropes/Boxing Gloves/ Bosu/Stability Ball/Medicine Ball/ TRX/Agility Ladder/Cones/Bender Ball.

Sessions vary and may include: High Intensity Intervals, Circuits, Yoga/Pilates, Speed and Agility, and/or Pool workouts. She believes variety is the key to success! 

She will track your progress with: weekly weigh-ins, monthly body measurements and body fat analysis, as well as monitor your nutrition.  Consider Danielle your accountability partner, your coach, and your biggest fan! 



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